FLAG 2016 - Conference Video Summary

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New content

There is placed a new content from the conference on the website.
In the gallery section you can find a selected photos from the meeting.
It is also possible now to download from this place field posters.
More content will be added soon.

FLAG 2016

The current rail connection
Warsaw - Suchedniów
Cracow - Suchedniów
New timetable June 12. Please monitor any connection changes.

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P.H.U MAX-BUD Michał Pietrzykowski
Górki Szczukowskie 80, 26-065 Piekoszów
email: michal0503@poczta.fm
tel. 603 839 138

P.H.DUO J. i W. Więckowscy
Spółka Jawna
Bugaj 12, 26-130 Suchedniów